1951 USAF Resolution Target

In 2010 my client asked about the impact of focusing through reagents on resolution. My library search suggested no one had ever done or published resolution through these reagents, nor could I find a resolution target small enough to measure the effect. But I reasoned I could make one and did. And then an associate and I created Ready Optics to make and sell the world’s smallest microscope resolution targets.



Extreme Star

Designed for Coherent Laser Microscopy Group led by Caltech. The finest details in the center of the target, not resolved in this image, are 150 nanometers bar width. The star pattern measures resolution at all angles, not just horizontal and vertical. The number markings give the arc length of a bar-space pair, also known as a cycle, at the interior intersecting circle.

Extreme Star

Extreme ISO E-sfr

Introduced in 2017. This target conforms to ISO Standard 12233. We are the first to scale this target for microscopy. We inset progressively smaller copies at the left and right edges to accommodate a range of objective lens magnifications.

Extreme ISO Resolution

Latigo Optics owns and operates Ready Optics 




These Extreme Resolution Targets are popular with commercial and university researchers around the globe. Based on the success of the original Extreme USAF target a consortium of researchers led by CalTech requested a custom design, particularly suited to Coherent Laser Microscopy. It was a challenging design but we succeeded and delivered 12 of those to Caltech in 2016.

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